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What is GetSelected?

It is one of Unum Capital’s innovative programs, that is designed to provide talented and passionate retail traders with an opportunity to become a full-time professional traders and portfolio managers. It is focused exclusively on identifying talent and helping to accelerate a trader’s career through a structured selection program.

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone who is talented & passionate about financial markets and is looking to become a professional full-time trader and portfolio manager in a regulated environment.

Is this a job opportunity?

Unfortunately, this is not a job opportunity, we are looking for talented traders, who can prove their talent, and they will get an opportunity to work as Portfolio Manager if they make it through the program.

What is the benefit of participating in the program?

Traders get the chance to be a Professional trader/Portfolio Manager under the Unum Capital license, and become eligible to manage clients’ funds, in a regulated environment.

How do I get started?

First traders must open a Live account with our preferred broker, build a score, become eligible for co-funding; as they work their way to become Professionals.

What is the minimum to open an account under the program?

A minimum of $1,000 funded into a Live trading account

I don’t have the $1000 minimum, what do I do?

Unfortunately, traders need a live funded account first, to prove themselves.

How does co-funding work?

First traders have to prove themselves with own funds, before they become eligible for $4,000 funding, and the funding will be increased to $9,000 on further success. Read our #GetSelected rules

What happens after co-funding?

When one makes it past the co-funding stages, then congratulations will be order, we will then take the successful trader through the licensing process, so that they can be regulated to manage clients’ funds

Can I participate with a demo account?

For purposes of this program, Demo account trading does not count.

What is the minimum score to be eligible for co-funding?

Traders have to reach a minimum score of 70% to be eligible for co-funding. Read our #GetSelected rules.

How long does it take to reach the 70% minimum score?

Our scoring algorithm scores traders depending on factors like trading skill, history, risk management, and trading behavior.

A trader needs to be on the program for a minimum of 3 months.

Can I use my own trading strategy?

Traders are free to employ their own trading strategies

Does the trading platform allow hedging?

We use the MT4 platform, and it allows Traders to hedge, that is, going Long and Short simultaneously on the same instrument

Can I make withdrawals anytime?

Traders can make withdrawals at their discretion as long as there is a positive balance in the trading account, and the balance remains above the min. account size.

Do I need to do this at the office?

Traders can trade from anywhere, anytime. There is however a Props Desk that Traders can choose to trade from.

What is the Prop Desk?

The Props Trading Desk is a State-of-the-art Trading House, where Traders can trade their your own account in a relaxed, informal yet professional environment

Who is eligible to sit on the Props Desk

The Props Desk is open for everyone in the GetSelected program, who want to trade in a conducive trading environment, mixing with like-minded traders

Will this cost me more?

A monthly desk fee of R3,625 will be applicable for Traders who wants to trade from the Props Desk

What will I get for the Desk fee?

Dedicated desk on the Trading Desk, PC with twin monitors, Bloomberg TV, Reuters, internet connectivity, personalized emails, phone line, and access to a Senior Trader to train, mentor and help with your trading.

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